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Welcome to Orange County Buggy web site. This site is under construction.
 We do all kinds of fabrication off road cars and trucks. We have done R&D on A arm upgrades for 2 and 4 wheel drive .  We have also done R&D on high angle steering joints for packaging. Coming soon in 2015.
 I work with 3 levels of shops from the basic sand rail, to Trophy Truck class biulds. I can build 1 off cars and trucks from ground up with cad drawings. We have drawings for repeatable parts for 4x4 trophy truck, TT, 6100,7200, 1450, on down to sand rails.

We are not taking orders on A arm sand rail frames due to shop overload. Call for build start dates after 4-15-2015

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   call  714-702-4780


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