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IFS 4x4 / Rock crawler

This is are all new IFS 4x4 front end Kit. Can be used on any 4x4, Rock crawler / Dakar / Ultra 4 / KOH . We have done R&D on two Honda Dakar cars. This new IFS front end is for Racing to tail rig.

Full frame with 4x4 A arm, 1 3/4" Chromoly, 9" rear end and links. $37,500 (No tabs)

 Has 16" wheel travel. Ford 9" center, Almost no axle plunge.  Uses RCV out board. 60/934 inboard. Fortin 2.5 rack.

 All Chromoly and Tig welded Arms, Spindles. Mig welded Bulk head. 

We are almost finshed with the IFS Jeep prerunner.

WE also do IRS A arm and J arm.

OCB 714-702-4780

Call for info on IFS Frames or Kits
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