​​​Pictured above and below is our older second generation a-arm kit. To keep up with the constant innovation and progression of the off-road industry we have made huge changes to our 3rd generation kit. The first change that we made was bringing everything in house to control quality and customer service. Included in the picture gallery below is our SolidWorks drawings of the all new 3rd generation kit, the new kit is fresh out of lazer cutting and CNC bending and in the process of being assembled and welded. We will update the website as soon as possible with current photo's.

​Improved Changes to the 3RD Generation Kits

​Center Mount Bulkhead- We redesigned the shock tower to make it remote standing. This allows for a stronger shock tower and chassis design. For performance and easier tuning we upgraded from a 10" coilover to a 12" coilover.

​Lower Arms-​ We took the OCB kits to the next level for performance and strength by completely redesigning the lower arms. The Gen 3 kit is now CNC bent on the front portion of the arm and completely boxed and ribbed. By doing this it allows for a almost indestructible lower arm. 

​Upper Arms- ​The upper arm on the Gen 3 kit received a complete overhauling as well. We no longer use the upper a-arm tube design, instead we stepped it up with a now fully boxed upper arm for increased strength and a better look.

​Kit Measurement's 

Track Width-WMS to WMS it is 72" wide.(WMS=Wheel mounting surface)

Travel- 18" of usable wheel travel

Shock Size-

What the Kit Includes- Bulk Head-Two Lower Arms-Two Upper Arms-Two Spindles-Two Tie Rods-Everything Mig Welded

Not Included-Steering Rack-Heim Joints-Hardware-Shocks




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2WD Center Mount A Arm Upgrade Kit