Trophy Truck Chassis 

​Orange County Buggy​​


​All Trophy Truck chassis are 100% tig welded (double pass)

TT Stats

​Wheel base-125"

​Track Width-92"

​Tire Size-39"

​Trophy Truck Chassis

​Tig welded chassis includes-Rear bump stop mounts-Front shock mounts-Rear shock mounts-Motor and Transmission mounted-Sway bar mounts-Fuel cell mounts.


Base Work

​Lower Arm Bulk Head-$2,000

​Lower A-Arms heat treated post machine cups-$5,000

​Upper Arm Bulk Head-$1,500

Upper Arms heat treated post machine cups-$3,000

​Spindles with Snout heat treated post machine-$5,000

​Tie rods-$450

Fuel Cell-$3000

​Rear End Housing with Pivot Mounts and heat treated housing-$5,000

Rear Links-$5,500

​Upper Links-$500

​Rear Transmission Mount 2nd alternator provision-$1,000

Motor Plate-$1,000

​Rear Sway Bar-$1,000

​Total for components-$34,950

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